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Missed several Mercilon - Now symptoms of late period or pregnancy?

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MummyRed18 Sat 16-Apr-16 20:33:33


I came off the depo back in November time and was put onto the pill to try and regulate my periods before we ttc #2. Last month my oh took me away as a surprise for our anniversary and in all the excitement I forgot to pack my pill! I was due to start a new packet, and forgetting meant I started the new pack 6 days late. I know I could have ovulated in the time, but as we are technically planning #2 anyway we decided to take a 'what will be will be' approach. After this late start, I missed about 3 in a row somewhere in week 2, and finished the pack on Monday. Being aware that perhaps I could have ovulated right from the beginning, I have been POAS like a mad woman (2 weeks since I first think I COULD have conceived IF I had ovulated) to no avail, all BFN. However, this whole thing got me to thinking about how we can maximise our chances when I stop the pill altogether and really TTC, and downloaded an app (Ovia?) out of curiosity. When I put my information in, it gave me a fertile window of 29th March-3rd April, and i'm not sure how accurate that would be obviously given that I was (badly) taking the pill.

As I said, I finished the pack on Monday, usually my period starts around the Friday and I get heads up cramps, but so far nothing! The only thing I have noticed (apologies TMI) is that I have a heck of a lot of watery whitish cm, not in my pants but when I wipe and dripping into the toilet (SORRY!) additionally, have an increased urge to #2 (sorry again, also this is not normal pre-period behaviour for me...) today I have had what I can only describe as a wishy washy feeling in my stomach and a bit nauseous, then tonight I suddenly had a really sharp (doubled over a bit and took my breath away) pain really low down and to the left, which happened again not too long afterwards and that was it. This is what has made me think OMG as I remember this happening with my DS before I had any kind of clue what was going on! So, I suppose my question is: Is it possible that this 'fertile window' was actually fairly accurate given that I was particularly poo at taking my pill this month? Could these pains be implantation or something? Would this explain why all tests up until Tuesday were negative? Is there still hope or am I taking wishful thinking to the extreme here?

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the life story and gross-ness. xx

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