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Sickness bug - what's the pattern? Are we all doomed?

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FluffyWuffyBunnies Mon 28-Mar-16 14:58:35

We were all exposed to a sickness bug on Thursday (visiting friends who weren't as over it as they had thought).
Dd was sick yesterday afternoon - massive amounts of sick then but nothing since (apart from a small amount 10 mins later) . Is it inevitable that the rest of us will get it? We've been rigorous about hygiene but dd has been with the rest of us today (having stayed in her room all yesterday evening and overnight - she was exhausted and just slept). No-one else has had any symptoms but just wondered if we are past the danger period yet? We could really do without it this week sad

MyGirlDaisy Mon 28-Mar-16 18:31:57

Well, by my calculations it took 3 days for your dd to go down with it from your friends, so if you were also going to catch it from your friends I reckon you would be symptomatic by now. However I suppose you could catch it from your dd so it's possible you could still go down with it - sorry that probably isn't what you want to hear! I would say if you all stay well until Wednesday you are out of the woods and as you say you have been really careful with hygiene. On occasion I have had one member of the family be really ill with d&v worried myself silly we were all going to be doomed but were all absolutely fine. Good luck & hope your poor daughter is feeling better soon. As an emetophobe I sympathise.

FluffyWuffyBunnies Tue 29-Mar-16 11:49:51

Thanks daisy - I forgot to reply! Fingers crossed we make it to weds vomit free envy

SauvignonPlonker Tue 29-Mar-16 11:58:44

My DD came down with sickness on Friday of the week before - she vomited all day, a fair bit of Saturday then developed diarrhoea. She her symptoms did not stop till the Tuesday afternoon; she was not eating at all or keeping fluids down. We ended up in A&E as her nappies were dry. I was with her the whole time, DP & DS were around & PIL's had her a day too.

None of the rest of us got it, much to my surprise.

Hope you can avoid it too.

timemaychangeme Wed 30-Mar-16 07:00:48

i was staying with dd and family 2 weeks ago when it struck. First dsil (who came home from work midday which is unheard of). Around 3 the same afternoon dd said she felt sick and when we got home she started throwing up too. I offered to have dgd in my room overnight as I was still ok. By 8 pm though, I suddenly started feeling, then being sick. So in intervals of around 5 hours, we all fell like flies. We were all really worried about 6 month old dgd going the same way, but miraculously, she didn't get it! I really hope you are ok. It lasted around 3 days in all. None of us had the runs, just vomiting, fever and for dd and dsil, nasty indigestion type pain.

MyGirlDaisy Thu 31-Mar-16 07:23:08

Hope you are all fit & well Fluffy & have escaped the bug!

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