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What follow-on investigations for blood tests showing inflammation

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Backingvocals Sat 19-Mar-16 13:03:06

I have had a few blood tests recently to identify the cause of my night sweats and other symptoms including exhaustion. Turns out I am menopausal which accounts for the night sweats. But I am almost falling asleep in meetings which seems a bit extreme. The Dr is looking at my bloods and wondering why I have raised CRP and raised sedimentation rate - not hugely raised but consistently raised over a few months. She says she can't really refer me on to anyone with that as there's no indication of what might be causing it - so posting on here in case anyone has any experience.

FarrowandBallAche Sat 19-Mar-16 18:15:43

My Esr is raised sometimes, when this happens I keep having to have blood tests to monitor it.
I have a lot of pain in my hips/feet and lower back which could account for the raised Esr.
Do you have any pain anywhere? Joints?

Backingvocals Sat 19-Mar-16 22:07:57

Well yes. I do have an ongoing back problem and also am getting pains in my hands - the knuckles in particular sad

gardenis Mon 21-Mar-16 17:50:36

Don't know much about these things but heamachromatosis can cause a sort of arthritis in the knuckles. Iron overload. It's a genetic oddity from when some cultures had low iron diets. There's a good website about it.

TooShyShyHushHush Mon 21-Mar-16 19:10:42

I have coeliacs and presented with random inflammation for a long time before tummy troubles really pointed to that.

I was always exhausted because I wasn't absorbing nutrients or iron due to it. During flare ups my hands and fingers ache.

Have you had your iron and mineral counts checked?

Any issues with your stomach at all?

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