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Disc problems in neck

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gandalf456 Tue 01-Mar-16 14:34:01

Last year, I went to the Doc with a numb arm, which we thought was a trapped nerve. I ended up being referred to neurology who ordered scans of my head & neck and it turns out I have bone spurs pressing on the nerve roots exiting into my arms. At the time, it was only my left affected. Now I have pain and numbness all the way down the right side of my body and weakness in my left arm.

I have had a course of physio but I am back to the way i was in spite of doing exercises at home. I am getting a bit frustrated about the wait for another neurology appointment and scan and a little bit panicky, too. I have chased 3x already. Neurologist is on permanent voicemail and booking centre just say I'm on the waiting list. Physio did not call me back either.

So, really, I'm wondering a) if anyone else has had the same and is it serious and b) what do I do now?

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