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Mole/Seborrheic Keratosis

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sleepingbeauty23 Mon 15-Feb-16 12:47:27

Hi all,

I haven't posted on here much before, but I often read the forums and feel they provide a great deal of support for a lot of people.

I myself suffer from or have suffered from health anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

My current issue is I have had what I thought was a mole just behind my right shoulder for the last 4 or 5 years at least.
I have never paid a great deal of attention to it, but recently noticed that it had a darker brown centre surrounded by a lighter brown. It didn't look bad per se, but I thought it best to get it checked out anyway. I'm a fair skinned, 28 year old female and I have had the occasional sunburn throughout my life at different times, but don't spend a great deal of time in the sun.

I have a few moles and spots on my body anyway, so went to the skin clinic (never been to this particular clinic before) and had a full body check. The doctor looked at my moles under a Dermascope, spending only a second or two on each one, and said that the one I was concerned about was a seborrheic keratosis and they do change colour and grow, just not as quickly as skin cancers and are completely benign.

I then had an appointment at my GP later that afternoon for a completely unrelated matter, but got her to have to a look at it as well. She seemed to think that in fact it WAS a mole but didn't look suspicious for cancer and she decided to freeze it off using liquid nitrogen then and there. After a month it still hadn't fallen off, so I went back and she froze it again. The scab has just come off and it is a very pink colour with a dark spot still in the middle.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I'm not sure which doctor is correct and I'm hoping that it is benign and it doesn't matter if it has been frozen off. If it was a skin cancer (my fear is melanoma) I'm presuming it will grow back? I'm just wondering whether anyone can advise whether I need to get it looked at again and possible request a biopsy of it? I've attached a picture of a timeline of it so people can have a better understanding of what it looks like. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

SquidgeyMidgey Mon 15-Feb-16 16:44:33

Coukd be a SK or a pale mole. I've got a sizeable SK and either way they look nothing like a melanoma. Try to relax on this one.

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