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ELCS Baby number 3 following 3c tear and EMCS + getting sterilised

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kerianns Tue 26-Jan-16 19:28:46

After reading previous threads i thought i'd find out other mums experiences and how they relate to my current situation.
So i am 36 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. My first was born my EMCS due to undiagnosed breach and my second was Assisted Forceps, which resulted in 3c Tear.
This time around I was certain as soon as i conceived that i was going to opt for ELCS. So i reasearched statistics to back up my case and expected to battle with the consultant. I have been very pleasantly surpirised this time by the cooperation as not one medical professional has opposed my initial decision.
At 30 weeks i started to research the sterilisation aspect and again, got myself armed with stats ready for my next consultant appointment. The consultant agreed immediately and said that i do have to discuss with them again at the 38 week apointment when i sign the consent forms etc but its no problem.
I am 33 and baby is booked in to be delivered on 18th Feb.
As a result of everything above i feel the most positive and relaxed i have felt at any point over all three pregnancies. Even after two horrendous experiences i am excited about the birth...finally a controlled environment.
I just think its such a shame that women from different areas, different ages or even jut a different care team are treated so differently.
The NHS can be so inconsistant as last time i had a battle all the way and ended up doing what was advised (look where that got me...3c).
Its our body...we should be the decision maker!

stairway Thu 28-Jan-16 09:31:37

I had an emcs followed by an assisted birth.
I think many vbac end with instruments and the risks of serious tears are high. Maybe because of the feral monitoring.

The consultants rarely mention this though.
I'm also hoping for an elective if I have no3 no more fetal distress for me!

stairway Thu 28-Jan-16 09:32:14

* foetal

LastOneDancing Thu 28-Jan-16 09:35:17

I'm pregnant with DC2 after an EMCS with dc1 and feeling really split between VBAC or ELCS.

Can I ask why you think that stairway? Is it based on your experiences or have you read about it? Genuinely interested as tearing is a real fear for me (and everyone I guess).

Glad you're feeling good OP! I hope you and your baby have a lovely calm birth.

stairway Thu 28-Jan-16 09:48:05

I'm not sure if anyone has researched whether vbac is more likely to end with instruments... But certainly I've noticed it on mumsnet and in real life. I think it is because they normally strap you in monitors meaning you can't move and then as soon as they detect a problem with heart beat the drs wade in.. They also won't let you push for as long as they fear the scar splitting.
For what its worth I don't regret my vbac as ive healed fine and baby is healthy but I wouldn't want to risk another one.

LastOneDancing Thu 28-Jan-16 10:02:38

Food for thought stairway and really valid points - I've already been told about the continuous monitoring and although my hospital has mobile units they aren't the best so Id expect to end up on the bed.

Thank you l.

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