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Low iron but normal haemoglobin

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thelouise Sat 02-Jan-16 10:24:12

I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia in the summer. My haemoglobin is back to normal but my iron is still borderline low, although much better than it was. While I don't feel as horrific as I did with low haemoglobin, I'm still not feeling well. I am breathless upon exertion and very, very fatigued. I've seen a respiratory specialist who did lung function tests and a CT scan, so we know there's nothing else going on. Is this normal with low iron? My GP was spectacularly unhelpful and I've restored to turning to others for advice. Thanks in advance.

BloodyBloods Sat 02-Jan-16 13:25:37

Do you mean that your ferritin/iron stores are low? It is totally normal to feel awful if they are low. Are you still taking iron supplements? Do you know what is causing the low iron - do you have very heavy periods, for example?

mayhew Sun 03-Jan-16 10:39:36

Carry on taking the iron and consider adding high dose vit D. Consider thyroid check as well. Deficiency of that and/or vit D makes you feel crap. After a couple more months, have a blood test for both.

thelouise Sun 03-Jan-16 12:37:44

Yup, low ferritin. I am taking the supplements. I had stopped for a few months but I've started again. I don't know what's causing it, my periods are not heavy at all.

I have been taking high dose vit D for about 18 months. I had that checked recently and my levels are excellent.

BloodyBloods Sun 03-Jan-16 20:57:11

What is your ferritin level at the moment?

thelouise Tue 05-Jan-16 09:00:30

I think it's 40.

thelouise Thu 14-Jan-16 21:48:29

I feel so ill. sad I've googled and ferritin is just in the normal range. Haemoglobin still normal. I guess it's other things making me feel like this.

NeuNewNouveau Thu 14-Jan-16 21:55:50

My ferritin has gone up from 7.9 and is now 26/27 and my haemoglobin is in the normal range now having never been beforehand.
My GP told me they treat levels below about 70 (I can't remember exactly) as even though they are within normal range it can cause symptoms.
Do keep taking the iron, I found spatone was the only one which I can take without ill effects.

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