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Vaginal dryness

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JadeFeather Wed 16-Dec-15 11:16:52

Has anyone had this before and successfully treated it?
I was reading about it online and most stuff talks about how it's a symptom of menopause (which was freaking me out!) but I've seen a few sites which say birth control can also be a cause.

PollyPerky Wed 16-Dec-15 14:45:45

how old are you?
if you are not peri meno then it may still be a hormone imbalance.
There are loads of treatments from your GP which work- vaginal creams containing oestrogen- so you need to go and see your dr and discuss. If it's just during sex then you can use all sorts of lubes but if you are experiencing soreness or bladder issues through dryness then you need hormonal treatment.

JadeFeather Wed 16-Dec-15 15:33:02

I'm 29. Had A UTI a few years ago then thrush and now have a burning feeling during sex and also randomly for a few hours every day (this has been going on for months). Using a lubricant during sex seems to keep the burning systems at bay for a few days so I'm guessing it something to do with dryness or abrasions that the lubricant is helping with. Semen seems to bring up the symptoms but I know it's not a semen allergy because I didn't have sex for months and I kept getting burning until I had sex with lubricant and withdrawal which made the symptoms disappear for about a week. I will go and see the specialist. Was just wondering if anyone is similar experiences.

PollyPerky Wed 16-Dec-15 15:42:49

I doubt your average GP will know much more. The obvious possibles are you still have thrush- it can be hard to detect at times (have you treated yourself recently for it?) and can be transmitted sexually. Your best bet might be a GU clinic where they will test for everything there and then and sort out something for you.
You need testing to see you have no other infections and sugar in the urine 9sign of diabetes) can also cause burning or soreness like thrush- go and have it all checked out. It's unlikely to be hormonal at 29 though not impossible.

JadeFeather Wed 16-Dec-15 15:48:12

Had extensive treatment for thrush and specialist determined it wasn't that. She thought it may be nerve damage and gave me an anaesthetic gel which didn't work. Only thing that has helped is lubricant (I used oils before and then switched to durex which gives me about a week of no burning!) Have an appointment now to see the specialist.

PollyPerky Wed 16-Dec-15 16:11:08

If you are able to see a specialist(this must be private if you've got an appt so quickly?0)then that's good- and hope you get it all sorted.

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