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Long term use of nicotine patches...

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Cloudybutwarm Thu 10-Dec-15 15:12:56

Dh is a smoker. He gave up in Nov 2007 using patches. I describe him as a smoker because he loves smoking, he was a 40 a dayer, would still be smoking that now if it wasn't for the endless nagging he knows he'd get and because we have 2 young children.

So its great that he's given up obviously. My problem is that 8 years later he is still using patches. Step 1 patches. It's supposed to be a 3 month programme or something. I know it's infinitely better than actually smoking but I feel very frustrated about it and also concerned that they are not designed for long term use. He does manage the occasional day or two without but that's it. Also, we are currently on holiday and he will tend to smoke a bit on holiday (maybe 5-6 a day, not loads) but he's doing that on top of wearing patches which I have drawn to his attention - I don't think he'd even thought about it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any next steps I could suggest or any info on long term patch use?

Thank you.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 10-Dec-15 20:15:33

Well done to your DH that's a massive habit he's kicked!

Using NRT long term to prevent relapse is absolutely fine and is recommended by NICE as a harm reduction strategy for those who cannot manage to quit / stay quit without it. Don't worry about him smoking on top of the patches, he won't OD. If he begins to get too much nicotine he'll just feel a bit sick and put the fag down. The patches will be preventing the occasional 5-6 a day turning back to 40 a day, every day.

I think you should lay off him tbh, as long as the holiday fags are not smoked around the children. Presumably he was a smoker when you got together. If his smoking is confined to holidays it's likely he views them as a treat and doesn't want to give them up.

WRT the patches, I understand your concern if you thought they were only OK for the short term, but I'm not sure why you find his use of them so frustrating. Would it help to view them as long term medication that keeps him well (i.e. not harming himself by smoking)? So, a bit like HRT, insulin, asthma inhaler or blood pressure pills?

He sounds like the sort of person who would do well with an ecig. A decent setup could effectively replace the holiday smoking (which is the biggest health issue here) and perhaps also the patches. It has to be his decision though.

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