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Liver Function Result

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brimmond2 Thu 10-Dec-15 12:31:58

I recently had 2 upper abdominal scans which showed a 7mm hemangioma on liver & a couple of small cycles. Consultant Radiographer said after carrying out a thorough exam that there was nothing there that concerns her. I get pain in my right side below my rib cage round to my side. Have done for just shy of a year now.... Have received blood test results today & been told to make a (non urgent) Drs appt. They show everything is normal apart from Liver function which is slightly below normal. Is this something I should be worried about. I wonder if the pain in my side & results may be connected? Just looking for some advice/reassurance really. Many thanks.

RakeMeHomeCountryToads Thu 10-Dec-15 20:38:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brimmond2 Thu 10-Dec-15 21:01:29

Thank you for doing that, yeh just want some reassurance really. Merry Christmas to you X

puffylovett Thu 10-Dec-15 22:36:36

I recently was scanned for suspected gallstones, and the only thing that showed up was a 10cm hemangioma. Gp said it was an incidental finding that was only picked up due to being scanned for gallstones. However, it's the only thing that appears to be wrong with me in that area, so I can only attribute the pain to that! It feels more like a tightening, a bit like a braxton hicks contraction, all under my ribcage, stomach and round my back.

It's been much better with a change to diet and working on my digestion (probiotics and digestive enzymes).

I dont know if that helps you at all. The only other abnormality I had was elevated bilirubin, which every doc has just ignored confused

brimmond2 Fri 11-Dec-15 00:00:59

Thank you so much for info puffylovett. Yeh I find the pain cramping, stitch like. That's interesting as they told me my gallbladder fine too. Dr said today that liver function being slightly under is nothing to worry about, would be a worry if elevated. Also funny you should mention your diet as I def find the pain is worse after eating a lot of carbs.
What is bilirubin? Can I also ask what probiotic & digestive enzymes you use pls. Again thank you for taking the time to reply smile)

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