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Spotting scared!!

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Chocqueen99 Mon 07-Dec-15 14:17:35

I've got slight blood today when I've been to the toilet when I wipe... Its not bright red & there isn't much but it's there. I'm a bit worried about what is it, I don't take the pill & I don't usually have anything between periods... what causes this normally. .thanks

ayria Mon 07-Dec-15 22:40:48

Sorry to ask, but when did you last have a period? Sometimes it is nothing, but it could also be implantation bleeding. Or it could just be old blood if you finished your period recently.

Chocqueen99 Mon 07-Dec-15 23:01:20

Last week it finished I think I came on around 25th..I've had no more since them buts earlier , hopefully it's nowt im just a worrier sad

fuzzywuzzy Mon 07-Dec-15 23:03:34

It could also possibly be ovulation spotting.
If pure worried go to your GP

Chocqueen99 Mon 07-Dec-15 23:07:38

Yes it could I did think that but I've never had it before, I suppose there's a first time for everything! Thanks for ur reply

fuzzywuzzy Mon 07-Dec-15 23:30:20

I don't usually get it either, but I did last month and a very painful ov as well.

Honestly if you're worried go to your GP.

Are your smears up to date? They're good for spotting anything early on.

I also only recently started spotting beginning of periods I think it's an age thing for me.

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