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Light box/ lumie lamp for SAD/ vitamin d deficiency

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nannybea Wed 02-Dec-15 17:06:50


I have been reading some old threads on light boxes which have been helpful. Was wondering if anyone recommends a particular one, and possibly which won't break the bank?

Went for a nice long walk today but feel that in this season I could spend all day outside & still not get my full levels of vit D (my vitamin d test at the GP said I was deficient)

Will be taking supplements too. Or should I just stick to one?

Thanks for any advice/info smile

SheSparkles Wed 02-Dec-15 17:12:36

I've suffered from and uses a light box SAD for years. I only started taking Vit D last year and believe it has made a big difference to me. There's no way you can get all your Vit D front the sun at this time of year in the UK as it just isn't strong enough, so I'd definitely recommend a supplement too.
I can't recommend a light is as I've had mine for a good 8/9 years and I know a lot more have come into the market since I got mine

Holstein Wed 02-Dec-15 17:18:17

Hi, there's a thread on this in chat, here
Hope that's useful.

nannybea Wed 02-Dec-15 17:23:38

Thanks she & holstein, I didn't realise that it didn't help with vit d so will definitely start a supplement

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 02-Dec-15 21:52:37

Another vote for a vitamin D supplement. It takes 5,000iu a day to keep my levels up.

You need gel caps or a spray, not tablets.

nannybea Thu 03-Dec-15 10:59:00

Pleasemrstweedie - may I ask what ones you use & if you have ever had vit d injections?

nannybea Thu 03-Dec-15 13:49:15

A friend has offered to lend me this

Is it enough light to help, if I had it on for a few hours a day or should I be looking at a light box, which sound stronger?

SheSparkles Thu 03-Dec-15 20:20:50

I have that alarm clock and find it a huge help in the mornings at this time of year-I find I waken up and actually feel awake, rather than having brain fog.
It doesn't do the job of an actual light box, as it just works with an ordinary bulb. The light you get from a light it is very bright and intense, you only need to use It for a short period each day. I've attached an image of the kind of thing I have

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