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Misophonia sufferers

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averyoriginalusername Tue 10-Nov-15 18:57:06

I'm not sure if there is a thread on this already or where exactly this would go.

I'm just wondering if there any fellow mumsnetters that suffer with Misophonia? I've suffered for as long as I can remember with this but only in the past year have i actually found a name for it. It would be nice to know what others peoples triggers are and if anyone has any methods to dealing with it.

My number one has to be people eating loudly especially crunchy things, I can't sit in the same room as people eating cereal, my dh and ds both eat cereal without milk and it is intolerable for me. I am desperate for there to be a cure/relief for this, as some days I feel slightly crazy from it.

I can't actually fathom how people can ignore certain sounds that get to me, it seems so alien to me as it causes such an intense reaction in me. Me and my dh have loads of conversation about it as I feel I'm a nightmare to live with. So am I the only one?confused

madrose Tue 10-Nov-15 19:00:01

I have to either eat the same - in order to cancel the noise, especially at the pictures. I've been honest with colleagues and that has helped somewhat. I also make sure I have a pair of headphones so I can try and blank out the noise.

DannyFishcharge Tue 10-Nov-15 19:01:49

I pretty much live with my headphones on!

InkerDink Tue 10-Nov-15 19:28:29

Yes OP, I feel your pain. Mainly the noise of people chewing or crunching food but especially the sound of a fork or spoon knocking against their teeth. I also can't understand how others aren't bothered by it as I get really stressed by these sounds.

I find keeping conversation going or putting some music on helps to mask these horrible noises.

averyoriginalusername Wed 11-Nov-15 07:54:33

Maybe I'm just really unlucky then as even people who know I suffer with it still seem to get to me the most, someone at my work eats 5 pieces of fruit a day at their desk-atleast in the communal area I can leave if the noise is too much! She seems to enjoy talking with her mouthful aswell, sometimes she will stop to take a bite before she continues talking, I'm sat in the corner wanting to throw things at her.
When I first about it, it seemed hypnosis would be an option to overcome it, but I've heard nothing more about that either.

I wish headphones worked for me, I can't wear them at work as I answer the phones and they only help a little on public transport (how can some people be so loud you can hear them over music inserted directly in your ears?)

TobleroneBoo Wed 11-Nov-15 08:06:29

Anything nose or mouth related for me, breathing and sniffing in particular. Worst is stuck on the train with strangers who are sniffing constantly, I feel like a hot rage down my back, have started to bring in headphones now it's cold season

Crankycunt Wed 11-Nov-15 08:14:04

I've found my people smile and sad

It's awful isn't it. I've had it since I was around 5, it was a couple of years ago that I found it had a name and it wasn't just me. I cried when I found out.

I live in earphones and ear plugs, I eat alone. My worst triggers are whistling and gum chewing, it sometimes scares me, with the reaction I have to these noises, white hot anger.

I wish I didn't have this, and people say just get used to it, suck it up. I can't do that, I can't control the reaction, I internalise it though.

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 11-Nov-15 09:15:38

Another one here who’s coming home. It has been almost impossible to explain to DH why he cannot sit next to me and eat porridge, and don’t even begin to talk to me about whistling … or that mindless, tuneless humming that some people do.

dontaskdonttell Wed 11-Nov-15 09:24:05

I suffer from it too and I often have to put my fingers in my ears when people eat around me, I've managed to work out a way so it isn't immediately obvious that's what I'm doing.

As I've got older, more things seem to get to me. People eating, jaws clicking, teeth on forks etc, breathing loudly, gulping drinks and even brushing teeth noises. My dh is understanding but I think he's getting a bit fed up with it. It dominates my life a lot. I have the radio on when we eat, I will leave the room if I have to. I don't understand why people need to use their teeth on forks and spoons etc, it drives me totally bonkers!!

It's a really horrible condition to have and you have my sympathy and understanding thanks

patterkiller Wed 11-Nov-15 09:25:28

Yes to all of this. I find distraction works best for me. We always have the tv or radio on while eating, I know socially unacceptable, but a necessity for the lives of my family as I would certainly murder the lot of them.

DH also knows to position my far far away from FIL if we eat with them, I've seen pigs with better table manners.

And for some reason people eating grapes give me the most astounding rage.

wigglybeezer Wed 11-Nov-15 09:26:56

I'm not a sufferer but my teenage son is, it has caused a lot of upset over the years for him and us! It is a really difficult problem. DS1 is triggered by many things his younger brother does but his brother has autism and is unable to control all his noises and movements as easily as others. Dealing with it has aged me!

There is a good facebook group for misophonia sufferers which is quite active and shares info about research and treatment etc., I found out about a parents' support facebook group through it.

Yddraigoldragon Wed 11-Nov-15 09:33:55

Yes to all of the above. Also radio noise, not quite tuned in properly, or just a bit loud in another room... Grrr

AliceScarlett Wed 11-Nov-15 12:42:35

Yes yes yes. I'm actually considering changing jobs because a colleague continuously clears his throat, all day, I want to smash his head in. I can hear it through headphones. Nearly cried the other day. Ugh.

pigsinmud Wed 11-Nov-15 14:50:13

Dh has this. He was very happy when he found a name for it. I don't understand it, but try to be sympathetic. It is hard sometimes as his stress causes me to tense up! A trip to the cinema is a nightmare and I'd rather not go as I react to noises/movements on his behalf and am thinking this noise is irritating him.

I have said to him that he should leave the room rather than flash people filthy looks for drinking grin He hates noises to do with eating or drinking, rustling, pen clicking, fiddling with doors....fiddling with anything.....crikey our poor dc sad they've had to put up with a lot of complaints from him. Too many things to list.

I can't bear anyone cracking knuckles and have to run out the room with my hands over my ears.

pigsinmud Wed 11-Nov-15 14:52:01

One more thing....the part that's really hard to understand is that the sufferer makes eating/drinking noises, but that doesn't irritate them! Dh slurps his tea. It's ok when he does it, but when I do it.

averyoriginalusername Wed 11-Nov-15 16:29:40

So so glad to hear others similar to me.

People that tell you to suck it up really have no clue just what it's like. There are things that still bug me but don't affect my Misophonia and its that distinction which is hardest to explain. The red hot rage that bubbles up inside. Wanting to cry or scream, I'd give anything to get rid of it. I've been thinking today that I'm going to have to leave my job soon if it doesn't stop, and that in itself I know is insane because I won't find a job that accommodates me like this one but I can't deal with the noise.

I'm not on Facebook otherwise I'd have a look at that group, Google doesn't seem to help much, has anyone seen their GP about it?

Thanks for all the responses, thanks to all the fellow sufferers and wineto all the people living with us!

averyoriginalusername Wed 11-Nov-15 17:03:25

schilke I wouldn't stand that, i'm very careful that i don't make any of the noises that get to me, ones that cant be help like crunching i drown myself out, i by no means an immune to my own noises. Knock the tea out of his hands next time he does it!

Germgirl Wed 11-Nov-15 17:09:54

This is me. Eating noises in particular give me total red hot rage. DH is unsympathetic and just says I should get over myself. If only it were that easy.
It always amazes me when people don't notice 'noises'. The lady GP on Radio 2 has a very 'wet' way of speaking. It drives me mad to listen to her yet I find myself listening extra hard for the wet noises she makes while she speaks. I mentioned it to a colleague who was in the room while she was on the other day. Colleague said "oh, I hadn't noticed". How?! How can you not notice?!!
It's taken me a long time to realise that other people don't get as wound up by noises as I do. And they just don't get it at all do they?

nocampinghere Mon 15-May-17 10:30:17

So happy to find this thread. I'm really struggling at the moment. My poor dh, i end up in the spare room nearly every night because i can hear him breathe sad. It irritates me more and more as i'm trying to sleep, especially if he dares to "slop" ie move his tongue/lips whilst asleep. i do love him!
how can i get over it? i've tried making sure i'm asleep before he comes to bed but something will wake me and then i can't get back to sleep as i can hear him. I fall asleep instantly if i move into the spare room. I feel out of control at the moment.

Bunnyfuller Wed 17-May-17 22:49:51

Hello, another one here! I can't bear it, even when it's my poor kids eating! My husband is the worst, he has to savour every mouthful and I can hear it 'swilling'. Ugh! Cutlery scraping too, and too many noises at the same time, especially lots of people talking. And tuneless humming. Mine is getting worse as I get older but I remember glsring st my dad for eating noises at about age 12!! Is it related to autism? The reaction is so extreme, I feel helpless with it, my whole body tenses up, and I'm so enraged.

nocampinghere Thu 18-May-17 07:37:43

i went to yoga yesterday and they did some specific breathing exercises. can't remember the name but like dark vader breathing! the noise nearly killed me i am not sure if i can go back.

PickleSarnie Thu 18-May-17 07:46:05

Decent headphones. I have shure noise isolating ones. I live in them. Drown the world out. Although I still move seats on the train if I'm anywhere near a sniffer. Or someone with high pitches message tones on their phone. And leg jigglers. I know that's not a noise but it stresses the hell out of me to see it.

I can't sit opposite my mum when she eats. She talks with her mouth full and has a horrible slapping sound when she does it. A friend bites his fork so I make sure I don't sit next to him either.

My 4 year old hasn't worked out how to blow his nose yet and he has a cold. The constant bloody sniffing is making me so ragey. But obviously I can't shout at a 4 year old so I've been bottling it up and spending a lot of time in a different room.

nocampinghere Thu 18-May-17 09:35:03

do you wear anything at night picklesarnie?

PickleSarnie Thu 18-May-17 11:00:54

I've worn earplugs at night for years nocamping. I'm surprised I haven't ever had an ear infection tbh because it can't be good for me.

I literally buy the by the box though so change them pretty regularly

Winterc00kie Thu 18-May-17 11:28:46

I thought mine was bad but i ws out with my mum for dinner yesterday and She couldnt stand the sound of kids screaming ( I didnt have mine with me) or when we when shopping she was getting so pissed off with certain noises.

I cant stand my SS sniffing constantly which he does, i end up crying its that bad ( he just gets obsessed with it )
my dp is a loud eater and so are his kids, they proper lip smack and chomp....
There are so many sounds thats make me want to run away and hide! xx

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