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Fish Oils - which product is best?

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nmd Fri 14-May-04 11:06:36

Can anyone help me choose a fish oil supplement please? DD1 (nearly 6) has concentration problems in school so I started her on Haliborange High Concentration + vitamins a/c/d/e. She's not keen on it but I read a review by a child recently suggesting it's the best of a fairly yukky bunch. Someone at school then suggested capsules and recommended efalex which is certainly expensive enough to make you think it might work, but when I compared ingredients the DHA & EPA content were both lower in efalex, but it included evening primrose oil. The Haliborange version also now does capsules, but they're also lower in DHA/EPA than the liquid. I just don't know what's important in this stuff - help!!

robinw Fri 14-May-04 11:11:37

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gothicmama Fri 14-May-04 11:26:59

We use flora margarine as it contains fish oils in a veggie friendly form and is not a tablet or cpaule and doesnot taste of medicine although it is probable not a large dose

gloworm Fri 14-May-04 11:58:58

i think eskimo oil is the best fish oil, there are a few threads on fish oil, have found one of them

fish oil thread
its quite long, but quite a lot of info on it.

Solgar Kangavites have just won an award as the best kids multivitamin and mineral. they have no artifical rubbish in them, they have more vits/minerals in them than all the mass-marketed brands and have much higher levels of everything kids need.
Plus they taste great.

nmd Fri 14-May-04 18:58:00

thanks very much gloworm, will try to get hold of some eskimo kids liquid asap!

froot Fri 14-May-04 19:31:19

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froot Fri 14-May-04 19:33:59

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SecondhandRose Sat 15-May-04 08:13:47

I buy the Omega 3 eggs from M&S or you can get them in Tesco and probably in other supermarkets.

roisin Sat 15-May-04 08:42:36

We use the ISO Omega 3 with salmon oil. They are big capsules (1000 mg = one a day: 150mg EPA, 120mg DHA). My boys swallow them with no problems at all (though we did start on smaller eye-Q ones). Cost only £7.20 for 120 capsules, (i.e. much, much cheaper than Eye-Q). Currently on special offer 150 for the price of 120.

you can get them from here

shrub Sat 15-May-04 09:03:34

morepa from are excellent - real strawberry flavour too

nmd Sun 16-May-04 21:42:44

Thanks very much - maybe I should start with the strawberry flavour & build up to eskimo oil!

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