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hookworm and albendazole

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marialuisa Fri 14-May-04 09:51:54

Bit of a longshot but does anyone here have any experience of treating hookworm with a single dose of albendazole?

DD was finally given 1 50mg dose a month ago and there's been very little improvement. it's taken the GP since september to realise a) it's not eczema B) the worm was still alive. Have had no guidance from her as she knows bugger all about it, but she still won't refer us to the School of Tropical Medicine.

marialuisa Fri 14-May-04 09:58:56

Sorry, should have added that DD's godma who is a trop specialist has only ever heard of it being treated with a minimum of 3 doses and GSK, BNF websites agree but don't want to go in with all guns blazing if it is ok to use 1 dose.

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