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really stupid question....sorry !!

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redannie118 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:49:08

Ok posted before with same illness but just need some advice.ive been ill for about 4 months,lots of symptoms, toothache type pain in fingers,painfull swollen feet,backache,horrific heartburn,bleeding gums and urinary probs,depression and anxiety and fevers. Lots of blood tests from docs showed I had rising inflammation levels in my blood and high anti nuclears plus blood and protien in my urine. She thinks I have Lupus and I will finally see yhe rhuematologist in three weeks
Now the prob is this has all gone on so long I feel im starting to get better and am prob going into remission,if I go and see the consultant in 3 weeks and my bloods are clear will he send me away till the next flare up or will he just use my docs bloods?or is lupus always in your bloods?sorry but am totally clueless any help would be great !

redannie118 Tue 14-Jul-15 07:59:27


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