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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Cocolepew Sun 12-Jul-15 12:35:36

Has anyone any experience of this ?

Lariflete Mon 13-Jul-15 11:04:13

Yes, I've had it in both feet. Have you got it?

Cocolepew Mon 13-Jul-15 12:02:48

I'm not sure, but my symptons fit.mI'm in agony some days. How was yours diagnosed? I have a gp appointment next week.

Lariflete Mon 13-Jul-15 14:10:06

It took ages to diagnose but I think purely because some of the doctors told me it was all in my head!
I had a lump in my foot that kept growing, kept getting pins and needles and kept 'stumbling'. I couldn't stand for long periods of time as the pressure on my feet was unbearable.
One doctor ended up mentioning it as a possibility. I was referred for a scan and then had an operation on one foot a few months later and the other foot a year later.
It's made a massive difference. I can walk without pain now and can even stand for an hour or so without getting shooting pains!
You're probably in a better position than me to start with as you can have them rule it out immediately.
Just ask if you have any more questions. Good Luck

Cocolepew Mon 13-Jul-15 15:01:03

Thanks smile my gp is very quick to refer her patients on to whoever so hopefully I'll get sonewhere.

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