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Lipoma removal

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TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Wed 08-Jul-15 12:23:08

Anyone know anything about this?

JWIM Wed 08-Jul-15 12:41:13

Had one removed from the top of my arm. Local anaesthetic. no issues, didn't hurt. Didn't actually watch the removal but saw the removed 'fat'.

TheFillyjonk Wed 08-Jul-15 12:44:08

I had one done in my ribcage (underbust kind of area). As JWIM said, it didn't hurt at all and I was morbidly fascinated by how yellow it was. You don't have to look at it, of course!

When I got home the stitches were a bit achy but paracetamol/ibuprofen made a big difference. I just had to be careful not to sleep on them or rub them and they were fine (did get itchy though!)

LittleMiss77 Wed 08-Jul-15 13:28:46

Had this done on my lower arm a few years ago.

Was given a local, took a few minutes and the surgeon waved the lump in front of me so i could have a look before she sent it off (this was all done to the dulcet tones of ABBA, playing in the background!)

She wasnt brilliant at stitching though, but thats a different story...

Everything healed fine and i have a tiny silver scar that you wouldnt notice if you didnt know it was there.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Wed 08-Jul-15 14:22:17

Thanks. I dont know anyone in RL with them.

Did you get them done on the NHS? Were they big? Mine's about 4cm wide, I think.

Has anyone had one removed from a more complex area? Mine's on my shoulder, between collarbone and back.

LittleMiss77 Wed 08-Jul-15 14:35:07

Mine was done on the NHS because of its location and the fact that it was getting in the way when I was typing or exercising (on the forearm so not good when having to balance on them during various pilates positions)

My GP was sceptical when she referred me and warned me that because it didn't really hurt (it did if I leant on it in the right place) it would class as cosmetic and I would probably be turned down for removal on the NHS, however when I got to the dermatology department they agreed straight away to take it out - had to wait a few weeks for the appointment

IKnowRight Wed 08-Jul-15 14:39:29

I had a small lipoma removed from my forearm a few years back. Local anaesthetic, four or five stitches. I have a scar which is quite wide as when the stitches came out the wound separated a bit.

I would have left it but GP wanted it gone as a few months before I'd had a pre cancerous skin growth removed from the same area.

Was NHS.

IrianofWay Wed 08-Jul-15 14:40:47

Has one removed from the side of my abdomen about 10 years ago. Painless and quick. Had to have a general for a reason I never quite understood (I was too thin apparently confused). it was the size of an egg!

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Wed 08-Jul-15 15:57:27

There is something weirdly awesome about a thin person having a fatty growth - especially a huge one!

U2TheEdge Wed 08-Jul-15 16:37:49

I wish they would remove mine.

I sadly have hundreds of them. We kept losing count when he tried to count them, but I am smothered in them from my upper stomach to the bottom of my legs and they bloody hurt when I lean on them or someone touches me. I think I have decrum's syndrome personally.

They won't touch mine as they are not harmful, but they are to my self-esteem and like I said, some bloody hurt. I would be one big scar if they took them all away though, there really are that many and not many spaces where I don't have any. I have clusters of them as well, some big and some tiny and they just keep popping up.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Wed 08-Jul-15 16:57:49

Sounds a bit grim. Why won't they remove just the painful ones at least?

Just seen GP and she said mine needed to be removed, but wanted a scan first to make sure it wasn't growing on a nerve. Lovely. That possibility had not occurred to me.

teabelly1967 Tue 27-Oct-15 10:07:28

i have a lipoma under my arm. it gets pretty sore and is rubbing on my underwear especially when i exercise. My GP told me to go private and would cost me about £100. I made enquiries in to having it removed privately and was told it would be nearly £5000. Why can't the NHS remove it? It's unsightly, painful and embarrassing.

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