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Any tips to reduce menstrual bloating?

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WalkingThePlank Wed 10-Jun-15 16:04:56

I become quite bloated before and after my period. I look about 10 pounds heavier.

I have a big event on Saturday which is when my period is due. My abdomen is already bloating up.

I have Googled how to stop bloating but other than drinking water and avoiding carbonated drinks and legumes, the rest seems more like general lifestyle advice rather than things I can put in place this week to not look fat on Saturday.

Does anyone have any ideas?

WalkingThePlank Wed 10-Jun-15 19:53:58


AMcoffeeLover Fri 12-Jun-15 16:01:00

I take a 200mg peppermint oil capsule each evening before bed and its worked wonders. Though took a week to take effect and you need to take it every night. (and you burp peppermint grin )

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