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Dry skin on toes after Scholl Peel and Heal treatment (photo)

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nezzar Wed 27-May-15 01:26:33


I have had a couple of verrucae on my toes for some time. I am going on holiday in four weeks and about three weeks ago I began applying Scholl Peel and Heal lotion. The active ingredient is Salicyclic acid (12.5%)

I stopped using it about a week ago. I really want my toes to have healed up by the time I go on holiday. I am not fussed if the verrucae are still there as they were a lot more discreet than this!

Do you think the dry skin will have gone by then? I am currently clipping it off every two days with a spare pair of nail clippers. Any creams I could use to aid? Shall I moisturise the area?

Any advice appreciated!!!

nezzar Wed 27-May-15 01:29:08


Apologies, photo did not add. Hopefully better luck on this post.

Sorry for typo at start too!

Many thanks

FadedRed Wed 27-May-15 03:06:59

Flexitol heel cream? Very good on very dry rough foot skin so should help. That's what I'd try.

Catswiththumbs Wed 27-May-15 04:33:03

I wouldn't be adding anymore moisture, they look sore. I would be spending as much time as possible with them dry and in the open air.

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