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Epilepsy and PIP

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Pootrouble Sun 22-Mar-15 16:26:28

Anyone here with epilepsy made claim for pip? I've claimed DLA since childhood and have epilepsy. As a kid I used to get high rate care. As an adult I've always had low rate mobility and mid rate care. I renewed last year and they only given me a short award so I'm due to renew next year and I know I will most likely need to renew unde pip.
I'm worried sick about it.

What are the assessments like? At present I have seizures every couple months but this can increase to every few weeks or can get better to every four months it all depends.

I never cook, never iron, don't drive and don't don't anything tht would put me at risk.

Beckybear Sun 07-Jun-15 09:55:36

The benefit is based around your needs the majority of the time so if you have seizures every couple of months this isn't the majority of the time so they would want to know how your condition affects each of the daily living activities and mobility the majority of the time.

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