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somnowell mouth thingy to stop snoring -anyone have any experience ?

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ggirl Sun 08-Mar-15 10:18:34

Seems to be the cure for sleep apnoea and snoring but it's expensive
Do you know anything about it ?

CMOTDibbler Sun 08-Mar-15 11:48:34

if you have diagnosed sleep apnoea, and the sleep specialist thinks a mouth guard to bring the jaw forward is appropriate, then its free on the NHS. Similarly, if CPAP is what is needed, then the machine, masks etc are all provided

ggirl Sun 08-Mar-15 12:06:14

wondering if anyone has ever used the mouth contraption , not asking for me btw for someone in another country

Shell0301 Fri 13-Mar-15 19:56:38

Hi. I'm a sleep technician and deal with patients with sleep apneoa everyday. What we usually find is the mandibular advancement device (mouthguard) is fine if you have mild osa, but you do have to fit a certain criteria. i.e you have to have all your own teeth. If your moderate to severe sleep apneoa, then it seems to be less effective. As previously said, your consultant should beable to have an idea by your results if it may work for you, and also by looking at your jaw line to see if the jaw will come forward. Hope this helps.

ggirl Fri 13-Mar-15 21:25:59

thanks shell , she has her own teeth ( my mum) but I'm going to try and persuade her to go to her Doctor for a referral

Shanreagh117 Wed 04-Nov-15 18:10:41

I have experienced the Somnowell device which is claimed is the cure for Sleep Apnoea. It may work for mild forms of the complaint but it certainly did not work for me. A very costly mistake indeed!!!!

I found that the dentist who treated me and arranged to take the dimensions to provide to the manufacturer was very personable and extremely polite. However I do feel that a fuller understanding of the condition would have helped and saved me many ££££££

Very dissatisfied.

Julie0 Wed 15-Mar-17 21:13:05

My partner has used a Somnowell for a few years now. After some initial adjustments, he wears it every night and finds it perfectly comfortable. It's stopped his very severe sleep apnoea and it's stopped our bed-hopping!

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