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Colposuspension recovery time

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NotRicksWife Sun 08-Mar-15 08:54:08

I have been booked in for the colposuspension op later this month. I firstly opted for the TVT mainly because of the shorter recovery time but then after further research didn't feel comfortable with the mesh being in my body for what could be a very long time - I am 36.

I have four weeks left of my maternity leave before I'm due back to work after my operation. My biggest worry is what is the pain like after, how long does it really hurt and what are the likely timelines before I can start doing normal duties? I have a 1 year old who will be in nursery full time and my husband will be around in the evenings to support me and take care of all baby duties. How long will it be before I can put him in his pram and take him for a walk and general things like that?

I've lived with SUI for that long, since the birth of my first child 16 years ago, that I'm not sure if the recovery is worth not just living with it and coping.

Your advice and experiences would be much appreciated.

pinkfrocks Sun 08-Mar-15 19:53:55

No experience of that operation but did have a repair op.

What is SUI?

Recovery is minimum 6 weeks- no lifting and no driving. No heavy housework and you need to put your feet up during the day when possible.

I was advised not to lift more than 14lbs ( about 6 kgs) EVER again, and to avoid things like jogging and high impact exercise.

SpringtimeSun Tue 17-Jan-17 09:46:10

NotRicksWife ... How did the operation and your recovery go? I'm sure mine soon and looking for experiences. Thanks

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