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So they saw something on my liver.....completely terrified

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Babyh200 Wed 18-Feb-15 07:13:05


Some advice would be appreciated. I have been suffering from Reflux and upper right quadrant pain.

The GP sent me for an ultrasound scan last Friday to rule out gallstones and they have spotted 3 problems with my liver. 1 x simple cyst and 2 x unknown etoligy

I asked GP the what they are called, eg: masses, tumours etc but he said they don't know and I need to see a liver specialist and have an MRI scan.

The bigger of the three (cyst) is 2.5 cm the smaller two are 1.5cm each roughly.

I had lots of blood tests including liver function 4 weeks ago and they all came back normal?

The other organs in that area are all clear, eg kidneys, pancreas and gallbladder.

Thanks for any advice, I'm worried sick x

MarthaCostello Wed 18-Feb-15 08:26:01

Sorry to hear this, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon, but I wanted to offer what I hope might be some reassurance in the meantime...

I'm in a cancer support group type thing and several of my friends have had things show up on their liver during investigations for their other types of cancer. But all but one of them turned out to be harmless - cysts, fat, that sort of thing. It seems to be rather common.

My blood "flows strangely" in my liver so I've had an MRI to check it out.

I'm hoping this comes across as reassuring, what I'm trying to say is that even people with cancer can have harmless liver oddities so the chances are probably much higher for people in reasonable health smile

I hope you get an answer soon and that all is well flowers

Babyh200 Wed 18-Feb-15 09:43:57

Thank you Martha for the reassurance x

toffeelolly Wed 18-Feb-15 13:29:17

I also 10 years ago had to see consultant about something entirely different and something was spotted on my liver. Was absolutely terrified while waiting for a cat scan liver function tests were coming back good. So after what seemed like a lifetime the scan showed a cyst that was harmless on one of my liver lobes. Then had followed up scan 6 months then yearly just to check size and it was not growing. But it was a worrying time so know how you are feeling but it is a good sign your liver function and other tests were good. All the best let us know how you get on.x

Babyh200 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:44:25

Thanks Toffee, I've had such a struggle in the last 2 ½ years with one thing after another. I didn't need a lesson on how precious life is because of different tragedies (my baby son, my BIL and my sister have all died and my FIL is terminally ill with brain cancer) it's hard not to look on the negative side of things. I do hope the others also turn out to be cysts, I'm glad your was x

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