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could i be pregnant?

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scarlet1113 Tue 10-Feb-15 03:27:06

Its long story but.... 15weeks ago I had a c section to deliver twin boys at the same time I got sterilized. After that I had 2 wound infections 2 open wounds and treated for 2 uterus infections unfortunately my problem runs on... As having so much trouble I.e.....a lot of severe back pain constant bleeding... Since birth... And stomach cramps I got sent to gynaecology 3 weeks ago. He checked me.... Then told me my womb is the size of ... At that time a 10 wk pregnancy (since then ive gotten bigger) he then said he thinks I'm having a molar pregnancy but the pregnancy test showed negative on the hormones I have to have an ultrasound but app not for another wk. I'm now having all the symptoms of a pregnancy and even have a bump but just had a period then stopped then started bleeding again sad got a lot of stomach cramps wake up with my back in agony everyday. Could I be pregnant despite all this...... So worn out with my boys and this problem and Drs are really dragging it out....confused

rootypig Tue 10-Feb-15 04:07:54

I really have no idea, but I'm so sorry to hear you're in so much pain. It must make dealing with your little ones so difficult.

Are you in the UK?

scarlet1113 Tue 10-Feb-15 04:51:18

Yes I am �� and yes it does cant pick them up on a morning till immobile a bit so pain eases off its always on a morning sad luckily I have one very good man by my side. Living on painkillers at mo and cant stand it! I hate taking tablets but its that or the pain. Be glad for this scan.... App it could be effects of the epidural.... Having c section was worst experience the epidural wore off half way through I had to get knocked out asap then the infections after... Then this I hate it!

rootypig Tue 10-Feb-15 04:53:45

You poor thing. It all sounds really traumatic.

Apart from your partner, are you getting support - say from your health visitor, or GP?

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