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feeling desperate

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miffyandsnoopy Tue 20-Jan-15 13:18:24

I have been off work for months, with severe muscle and joint pain; particularly my wrists, fingers, shoulder, neck and hips, bones clicking and dislocating,in agony and fatigued when I feel cold, and unable to walk without a walking stick. I am only young, in my 30's but am overweight. My inflammatory markers are up so the doctor referred me to rheumatology, who I saw today and who seemed to put it all down to my weight.
I am so upset, I don't feel like its my weight causing this, and I have work on my case to give them a diagnosis, and now I cant give them one. I am going to feel like this forever! And worse still I cant return to work in this state, but cant claim any help without a diagnosis. I am so upset and frustrated.
Has anyone had this experience, or got any words of wisdom, or does anyone think I should listen and accept it is my weight?

mrspottasbubble Tue 20-Jan-15 13:37:07

You saw a rheumy and you have high inflammatory markers and they put it down to your weight? Demand a second opinion imnediately!

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