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Odd late period, 40 yrs

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NearTheEdge Mon 19-Jan-15 22:00:46

I stopped taking the pill last July as my husband had a vasectomy. After an initial 25 day cycle my cycle settled to 23 days which it has been until now...

My second to last period was the heaviest I ever had. And my last one was lighter but went on a good couple of days longer than normal. Now this one should have arrived 4 days ago.

This is the longest I've been off the pill since 16. And only off twice since to get pregnant which happened
within a 2-3 months both times. sinister? I feel normal/fine. Had my few days of snarling pmt which has definitely been new since stopping the pill.

NearTheEdge Mon 19-Jan-15 22:04:40

Stupid phone.

I meant to ask if anyone has any thoughts/opinions if this is due to stopping the pill, my age (thought 40 was quite young actually), or something more sinister.

I have also done a pregnancy testblush... If that had been positive it would have been a medical miracle between the snip AND lack of bedroom action in the past month grin.

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