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Looking for advice re unwell family member who won't seek help

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Fliss55 Fri 16-Jan-15 22:04:52

I am looking for some advice as my brother and I are unsure of what, if anything, we can do. We have very little family other than nan who is in her late 80s and her son, our uncle who lives with her and is in his early 60s. Nans health is not brilliant but she has always managed to look after herself, supported by my uncle who does some of the heavier household chores, gets the weekly shopping etc.

However, uncles health has deteriorated rapidly over the last couple of months. We do not know any exact diagnosis as he only shares what he thinks we need to know. However, over the two weeks he has fallen / fainted on at least three occasions and his mobility is now impaired due to back pain, he is incontinent due to diuretics he is taking for fluid retention (we believe) and he has been slurring his words and rather forgetful. Given our concerns we contacted his GPs surgery today and the receptionist confirmed that she would pass our concerns to doctor and call me back if needs be. I haven't heard back from them and my brother and I are concerned about his health and the way that it will also impact upon nan. Nan is also extremely concerned by when she tries to discuss the issues with him he becomes angry and is rather verbally abusive towards my nan, suggesting that she is confused and forgetful.

Our uncle was always an extremely proud (and rather vain individual and this behaviour

Fliss55 Fri 16-Jan-15 22:06:35

Sorry, I am on my phone and it posted in error. This behaviour is extremely out of character and I was hoping that someone with some experience or knowledge would be able to advise whether there is any support I can seek or how we can start to deal with this situation? Thanks ...

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