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What's going on?

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Louisajane27 Sun 11-Jan-15 21:36:59

Last Saturday I noticed some marks on the tops of my legs thought it looked like a little bites so ignored and 24hours later they went away. Then Tuesday morning I noticed the same marks on my stomach by the evening they had spread all over my stomach and my lips started to swell. I went to a+e and by the time I was seen the rash was on my arms, chest, stomach and legs plus very swallowen lips. I was treated for an allergic reaction and given steroids and antihistamine to take home. I've been referred to the allergy clinic and been told I might need to see dermatologist too. Over the last few days the rash has calmed down but it seems to flare up then calm down again throughout the day! No idea why. I'm seeing my gp tomorrow for a follow up, I'm hoping they will prescribe more tablets as I'm worried with out treatement ill end up back in a+e. Does anyone have any experience or can offer any advice please.

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