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Question about ferritin

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clarella Fri 09-Jan-15 13:20:01

Hi I'm trying to raise my ferritin from 57 to an optimal level.

I have a very good intake of iron in my diet so am supplementing with two
sachets of spatone a day with orange juice for a month.

My periods had t returned post baby due to bf (2 years) but after 3 weeks of spatone they have! Nothing particularly heavy though, just like they used to be.

However - will this affect ferritin test? Is there a 'best' time to test in your cycle?

Of course I'm guessing my cycle will be predictable!!!!

clarella Fri 09-Jan-15 13:21:58

Ps gp wanted me to do so as he's considering an "expensive drug for rls they use on the elderly but have to have good ferritin levels first" blush

I don't think I'll need it though as been referred to a rheumatologist.

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