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Dr Peatfield for thyroid?

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itwillbebetter Mon 05-Jan-15 13:47:07

Controversy aside (I am well aware of the back story of the GMC) has anyone seen Dr Peatfield? I am struggling with what I am sure are thyroid/adrenal issues and have just read his book. My current endo has helped a lot but didn't know of the link between thyroid and plantar fasciitis/tendonitis and I really need help in this respect.

Anyone seen him? I was all set to give the clinic a call but came across a report that thought he was just a one trick pony, dishing out cortisone and t3 tablets like smarties. I have already seen a very well know gynae who had exactly the same skill level and just dished out oestrogel and I have no further wish to be treated like that!

Any thoughts much appreciated, by PM if you prefer.

RockinD Mon 05-Jan-15 16:20:58

Horses for courses I’m afraid. Dr Skinner (God rest him) believed that if you fixed the thyroid, the adrenals would follow. Dr P believes the opposite and has developed a protocol which involves supporting the adrenals before beginning to treat the thyroid. For some people it works and they cannot speak highly enough of him. Others find it doesn’t work for them.

A possibility, if you have PF, is that you are either under-medicated at present, unable to convert T4 to T3, or your vitamins and minerals are not currently at a level to support the conversion process efficiently.

I don’t suppose you would happen to have some test results, with the reference ranges?

itwillbebetter Mon 05-Jan-15 18:21:14

RockinD thanks for the response. My last test results were as follows
tsh 1.76 (0.2- 4.2)
t4 15.2 (12-22)
t3 4.1 (3.95 - 6.8)

These were taken 2 months after I started 1/2 grain nature throid. Thought there was room to manoeuvre so increased to 1 grain and suffered palpitations and irritability Heart Rate normal 70 bpm, basal temp roughly 36.2.

Have lowered dose back down to 1/2 grain, palpitations gone and replaced by really horrid tremble in my hands and internal shaking in my legs (like a massive knee trembler!) This has gone on all day along with what I think are adrenaline surges, massive heat rushes that leave me covered in sweat although my temp (under tongue) has not gone above 36.8.

My adrenals when last tested were not too bad. The curve is correct but slightly high in the morning, slightly low mid morning and then high again prior to sleep. DHEA was on the low side .33 (range .30 to 1.0) and DHEA to cortisol rate was low at .95 (1.0-4.00)
Have taken adrenal glandulars and they made me feel worse, very jittery.
The answer is in here somewhere, but I can't find it! I think I need more thyroid but can't take it at the moment.
Sorry for the essay

itwillbebetter Mon 05-Jan-15 18:24:52

Forgot to add that I have spent the last year carefully supplementing all the relevant vits/mins etc. I really don't think this is a deficiency.

RockinD Mon 05-Jan-15 19:05:27

Ah, I think I have seen posts from you before. You've obviously done all the right things. It sounds as if it might be adrenal, but I don't have any suggestions I'm afraid.

A lot of us feel rather as if we are doing a rather complex puzzle without any hints and tips.

itwillbebetter Mon 05-Jan-15 20:39:51

Yes we have 'spoken' before! I have bitten the bullet and booked an appointment with Dr Peatfield for later in the week. At least I'll know then whether I'm barking up the wrong tree and blaming everything on the thyroid!

antimatter Mon 05-Jan-15 21:44:44

itwillbebetter - did you have those tests done by GP or a specialist?
I wonder if Dr.Peatfield is on the Bupa approved list....

itwillbebetter Mon 05-Jan-15 23:07:43

They were done by my GP. Not sure of the relevance?

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