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Does anyone know anything about lordosis/sway back?

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ChristmasJumperWearer Thu 04-Dec-14 20:13:36

I've always known I've got a large curve in my lower spine, and my mother has berated herself for many years that she must have done something wrong when I was a baby to cause this (too much/not enough tummy time?).

And now at the age of 40, after many many hours (not to mention the expense!) of osteopathy, physio, acupuncture, massages, and painkillers and heat wraps galore, having seen a new physio earlier in the week, I finally know the cause of all my pain and discomfort - it's called lordosis or sway back.

A quick Google has revealed and explained so much to me...why my stomach sticks out no matter how toned or skinny I become. Why jeans never (ever) fit. [lightbulb]

Does anyone else out there have this and what are your tips - whether for therapy or how to dress, I just want to know as much as I can now! Please!

And I can put Mum's mind at rest, right? This isn't something she caused? A relative who is otherwise similar to me in stature/shape has scoliosis, so I suppose there could be something genetic?


spottyblanket Thu 04-Dec-14 23:59:46

Yes, me. Doesn't bother me really apart from jeans gaping at the back. I'm currently trying to remember to walk with my pelvis at a better angle - to strengthen my core as my back is affecting my riding to a certain extent, but seeing as my horse has a sway back too we must be made for eachother smile I'm sure though that my curve is more pronounced as I age (over 40) -sway backed horses get far more dipped when they're old too.

ChristmasJumperWearer Fri 05-Dec-14 09:49:40

Thank you for the reply.

Mine is definitely more pronounced since having DCs, and I'm wondering what will happen to me in old age...

Quangle Fri 02-Jan-15 22:37:26

Just did a search on this exact thing. I also have always have a very pronounced spinal curve so for example, can't lie flat on my back, can't wear jeans etc.

But it's now (age 46) suddenly causing me a lot of pain. I've had to give up my running (felt like my spine was being hammered down on itself), swimming, and just got back from a four hour walk in the park with the kids and am having to bend double, forwards, to alleviate the pain.

I've spent 500 quid on osteopaths since it kicked off over the summer, to no avail. I'm sure there are corrective exercises I should be doing. Am trying to build up the core but since I can barely do any of my usual stuff, it's difficult. Any ideas? Ideally things I can do at home. Obviously Pilates would help but as a single parent, working ft, fitting in a class is not easy.

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