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Pain in stomach and back at night? Please help me!

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EllaJayne123 Mon 24-Nov-14 23:21:05

Hello lovely mnetters. I have had a pain in my stomach like a cramp in the middle just below my ribs for about a week now, I've also got really bad back ache.

It is mainly at night and I cannot sleep as it's too painful, if I get into the fetal position it's better. It's not constipation as am regular (tmi!) and have taken gaviscon and rennie with no relief

I had a c section 3 months ago if that could be any link?

My back is hurting so much and my stomach is so uncomfortable and with a 3mo baby I need all the sleep I can get!

Any suggestions oh wise ones?? flowers

PurpleWithRed Mon 24-Nov-14 23:29:39

See your GP if you've got a pain that won't go away.

NatJon Mon 24-Nov-14 23:33:18

Is it like a "gnawing" pain? I have gallstones and have pain where you describe. Though lying down make it 10 times worse for me. See your gp

EllaJayne123 Mon 24-Nov-14 23:39:45

It is a bit like gnawing actually, that doesn't sound good. I'll try to get an appointment with the gp - although you have to call by 8 and wait on hold and there's no appointments left by 8.15! Impossible, thank you flowers

Le1890 Tue 25-Nov-14 04:07:37

Hi sorry you are in such pain. I also had a pain like that a few years ago and it turned out to be gastritis. My gp said i was on the verge of an ulcer and gave me medication which sorted it out. Hope you get some answers x

MeltedMoments Tue 25-Nov-14 05:09:56

That sounds like the pain I had with gallstones. A hot water bottle used to help a bit but make sure you see your GP xx

EllaJayne123 Tue 25-Nov-14 13:59:33

Thank you, tried getting an appointment with gp but when I called (10 mins after they opened) there was only 1 appointment left for 15 mins later, might visit the out of hours later x

hugoagogo Tue 25-Nov-14 19:28:52

I suffered similarly after csection, due to all the painkillers I was given.

A couple of months of ranitidine and I recovered.

Best get it checked out for sure.

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