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How much notice do you get for a routine NHS op?

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Gallstonedramaqueen Sat 22-Nov-14 11:01:11

I need an operation to remove my gall bladder because of a large stone. When I saw the surgeon she said it would probably be around a 12 week wait. The 12 weeks expire next week. I just wondered how much notice they give? The surgeon said it was a few weeks but she didn't know exactly.

I can hang on a few more weeks in terms of the illness but would like to be able to plan home and work stuff over the next few weeks especially with Xmas coming up.

The hospital is the Hammersmith in London if anyone has had it done there recently.

justanotherquestion Sat 22-Nov-14 11:40:22

I have one large stone too. I was told a 12 week wait (another London hospital) and in fact was called within 6 weeks or so and I only had 2-3 weeks notice of the op. I was telephoned though and could have re-arranged it fairly easily. This was at the end of the year and I had a feeling that they were trying to reduce waiting times, as they were also taking spaces at a private hospital.

In the event, I did not have my op (other reasons) and I very rarely have problems. Just the odd grumble from time to time.

Gallstonedramaqueen Sat 22-Nov-14 11:56:11

Thanks for that. My symptoms have disappeared too but I saw a doctor a couple of weeks ago for something else and she strongly advised me to get it done. I am terrified of having a general anaesthetic though.

I will ask my GP to ring the hospital if I don't hear in the next couple of weeks.
I really don't want to have the op just before Xmas!

justanotherquestion Sat 22-Nov-14 13:18:56

Mmm...I think mine needs to be done is never going to go away of its own accord!

Do not worry about the GA. Really. I have had 3 and they are nothing to worry about. I think I am more worried about the pain/after effects. I do think it is natural to worry about them though. It is the 'unknown'. But honestly, an injection and you are out of it.

Musicaltheatremum Sat 22-Nov-14 13:20:17

Just ring the hospital yourself. Ask for the consultants secretary. Or the waiting list secretary. Please don't ask the GP surgery to phone. These calls are soooo time consuming for the staff.

southwest1 Sat 22-Nov-14 13:24:18

Have you had a pre op assessment yet? The hospital I'm at they are valid for three months. You're supposed to be treated within 18 weeks of the decision to treat being made. So just ring them, tell them it's now 12 weeks and when will you get a date.

grunty Sat 22-Nov-14 13:27:29

I don't know the name of the consultant. I very much doubt there is a waiting list secretary but I will try. I haven't had a pre op assessment. According to the doctor I saw, they do it just before.

Musicaltheatremum Sat 22-Nov-14 14:57:04

There should be a waiting list office and they should be able to bring up your details. The hospital switchboard may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck. And hope the op goes ok when it comes.

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