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Please can I talk to someone about my cervical op from last week as I'm very confused.

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MikeTheShite Sun 26-Oct-14 18:11:41

I am a regular but I haven't posted for a little while.
There's a history of cervical cancer in my family.
I've just turned 25 and had a smear around six weeks ago.
I was immediately called in for a colposconomy, in which they told me my who cervix has CIN111 or severe displasia (sp)
I've had several local anaesthetic appointments in this time for laser surgery all of which were unsuccessful to due the cells being too close to my womb and to close to my vaginal outer.
Last Thursday I went in under general anaesthetic.
After sitting in a waiting room for five hours I was finally taken to theatre for what was meant to be a twenty minute op.
I came round almost 2.5 hours later and was told I had to stay in overnight. I have mild endometriosis and they had to reconstruct some damaged caused. They couldn't cut all my cells away, I don't know why and have taken six biopsys.
I didn't know this. No one told me.
The morning after I was told to leave my bed and sit in a dish charge lounge. Waiting room.
They gave me paracetamol and I was basically thrown out.
It was only bursting into tears that the discharge receptionist called the ward and I got the above answers.
I was told to wait six weeks for results. Results for what I don't understand.
I feel really poorly and really lousy. I have two year old dd to look after alone and I feel so disorientated I didn't know the day this morning.

I'm just wondering if my experience is normal? Or to ask if I'm being silly?

Annietheacrobat Sun 26-Oct-14 18:40:11

No that doesn't sound normal. Phone up your consultant 's secretary and ask for someone to explain what happened.

MikeTheShite Sun 26-Oct-14 18:53:29

Thank you I thought it was just me hmm

DayLillie Tue 28-Oct-14 15:32:53

Another way would be for your GP to ask for a report and explain it to you.

It does sound as if they have not given you any where near enough information about what has happened, which is not good.

thisismypassword Tue 28-Oct-14 15:44:28

When I went through this, the consultant was very matter of fact, you know, like he treats so many women a month that it really was nothing to be worried about. Blah blah! It WAS worrying for me, because it was the first time I had gone through it. Even before the procedure I was in tears. My dc was younger than yours at the time and for me it was a horrid experience so I feel for you and I hope you get all the answers you need.

MikeTheShite Tue 28-Oct-14 19:50:14

Thank you, I've spoken to the gp today and explained. No results are back yet but he is contacting the hospital after I've contacted them again- and got nowhere!angry

Libitina Tue 28-Oct-14 19:53:11

Someone should have come and spoken to you before you went home. The way you were treated was awful. Perhaps contact your local PALS to see if they can help you?

MikeTheShite Tue 28-Oct-14 20:00:24

I think I might have to but I don't quite know what to say

mineofuselessinformation Tue 28-Oct-14 20:09:02

Mike, phone the hospital, ask to speak to consultant's secretary. Ask for her/his name and direct dial number as part of your conversation. Say exactly what you've said here.
With some luck, they will either help you there and then (have a pen and paper handy to write down what they say and ask them to repeat it if you need to), or arrange for the consultant to call you back in the next few days.
There is NO WAY you should have to wait for results when you don't even know what they are for.
If you don't feel you have got anywhere, then yes, contact PALS.
I hope you get it sorted out.

MikeTheShite Tue 28-Oct-14 20:14:44

Thank you

Belalug0si Wed 29-Oct-14 22:31:19

To try and answer some questions (and give info so you can look up easier):
- it's a colposcopy and the colposcopists' website has really useful information about investigation and treatment of cervical abnormalities
- it's called severe dysplasia (or dyskaryosis) which is still a pre-cancerous change

The situation with multiple appointments, then a GA after which you weren't told what was going on, is unusual and I also urge you to contact PALS.
It is likely that the 6 weeks for results, is for the results of the biopsies they've taken. The tiny bits of cervix get sent to a histology lab where they are preserved, dyed and put on to glass slides so the cells can be examined under a microscope to decide what the cells show (any abnormal changes).
Your history of endometriosis may have complicated the treatment and investigation - the clinician/colposcopist should explain to you better what they meant about not being able to remove all the cells - which cells are they talking about?

Hope you are able to get some support and information about this.

MikeTheShite Thu 30-Oct-14 20:49:17

Thank you smile

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