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Can we talk about CPAP machines again..

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murphys Wed 03-Sep-14 10:45:59

I posted a little while back, and many posters replied with really useful information, but sadly the thread is no longer due to being in chat.

Dh was diagnosed with OSA a few months ago, he was having +-64 apnoea occurrences an hour, so quite serious.

Finally he has a machine, which he has for testing purposes, but it is a real rigmarole here to obtain one (not in UK).

For the first two nights he had the Resmed 9 Auto machine (the silver one) and the Swift FX nasal mask. He slept well for both nights, as did I, which these days is a rare thing without me ending up on the couch. After two days we had to download the info, but they took the demo Resmed 9 from him as it was due to go out on loan to someone else and gave him the Resmed 8 Auto instead. What a difference, this one is so noisy, each time in breathes (in or out I'm not sure) it makes this high pitched noise through the machine, plus you can hear the air blowing, which we couldn't with the Resmed 9. The mask is the same so it must be the machine that is so much different. He also says the flow of air is not the same, much harsher with 8 even though they were both set on auto at same levels...

Our medical insurance forces us to rent a machine for 6 months before they will considering purchasing it outright. So dh has said that if they leave him with Resmed 8 for all that time, he wont end up using it. And I know that he is right as he is so bloody stubborn and in COMPLETE denial about the seriousness of his OSA.

SO would you mind posting again which machines you have, if you have tried different ones, which were they are which one do you prefer. Any information regarding CPAP would be appreciated, even if its not you but your dh who uses one.

If we are not able to rent the Resmed 9 (the rental company don't rent out new ones.... hmm) dh has said we should just buy the 9 outright. This is over 1000 pounds so an awful lot of money.

murphys Wed 03-Sep-14 15:52:56

CPAP owners, none about today wink..

trinity0097 Wed 03-Sep-14 19:55:14

Hubby has resmed 9autoset. It's amazing. My sleep is so much better! His is also! He was well over 60 episodes an hour too, since he started using it he has never fallen asleep in the day and the results were instant!

He has the Quattro fx mask. Is fine once we figured out to ignore the nurse who said don't tighten loads, when it ramped up it would blow off his face! Snug now is the way we go and he just has mask lines for an hour or so in the morning!

We are lucky that he was instantly given the machine free on the NHS.

unadulterateddad Wed 03-Sep-14 20:40:27

I've got the Resmed S9 Auto with Humidifier and the swift FX mask and having had a few machines it's definitely the best I've had - very easy to use.
I bought my machine as I couldn't get the right machine on the NHS and I've never regretted the decision. To my mind it's something I'll use for 8 hours a day for the rest of my life so why not have the one I get on best with.

unadulterateddad Wed 03-Sep-14 20:41:25

oh and I think the other machine may have a problem as I've never had any of my machines make a whistling sound (I've had five different ones !!)

unadulterateddad Wed 03-Sep-14 20:50:28

Plus your DH is probably right to stand by the right machine for him, it is really hard to keep going with CPAP long term if you don't get on with your machine. Using a machine you don't like is like trying to go to sleep whilst your neighbour is playing s**t music really loudly smile

murphys Thu 04-Sep-14 08:46:09

Thanks, he was away the night before, but last night he used it again, and it is when he takes in a breath, you can hear the air sucking through the machine when he takes a breath. Its is quite noisy so although he did sleep well last night as he had driven all day so was really tired, he says the noise also wakes him up.

I think if they don't allow this 9 on rental we are going to have to find the cash for it, as you say Unadult, this he is going to use every night for the lifespan of the machine.

Also, he has central apnoeas and the 8 doesn't pick these up on the recordings like the 9 does..

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