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Any experts on sinuses?

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mandmsmummy Fri 22-Aug-14 19:17:53

I have had on and off for three days, a weird headache not really painful but annoying, bit tight feeling. Tingling cheeks, face and head, bit woozy and I'm thinking maybe my sinuses? Have worried myself to bits about a brain tumour but now I'm trying to be more realistic.
Any advice please? X

chockbic Fri 22-Aug-14 19:22:36

Sinus headache is specific with tenderness above and below eyes. It also hurts to look down and if you do feels as if your eyeballs will fall out.

swooosh Fri 22-Aug-14 19:24:06

You will avoid anything to look down. I suffered terribly, had a septoplasty and I'm fine now grin

mandmsmummy Fri 22-Aug-14 19:43:20

It's not that bad tho, my cheeks feels strange like they are too big, my teeth feel weird too. Really worried if it's not sinuses x

mandmsmummy Fri 22-Aug-14 19:45:23

Maybe a migraine? X

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