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Does this generally cause sun sensitivity?
My DS2 (17 with autism) has been on it for a few months now for his anxiety (and it's working brilliantly) .

We have just spent a few days camping.. and even in the dire weather we have had, he has managed to get the worst sunburned face from what can only have been a few scattered hours of sunshine ..and I did put sun screen on him! He hasn't even noticed,as he is very unaware of body sensation but I feel so guilty every time I look at his very very burned face sad

I had no idea.. I have looked it up and it's listed as a side affect for 'a few people'

We are off abroad on thursday and I'm wondering what the hell we can get that will protect him!

Andallmyhopeisgone Mon 18-Aug-14 23:07:44

It does cause sun sensitivity, most SSRI and similar antidepressants do. I'm not sure if it's in most people or just a few. No one told me this either until I got burnt, don't blame yourself. I hope it heals soon, get lots of aloe vera cream on it.

Andallmyhopeisgone Mon 18-Aug-14 23:10:32

Nivea sunblock's meant to be good, or maybe ask GP what's best.
Maybe a hat too if he'll wear one.

temporaryusername Tue 19-Aug-14 01:58:08

You could look into getting Ultrasun which is meant to last all day unless you're swimming, also some of the other brands do 'once' formulations. I would think he'll need a high factor but also more regular applying of the normal kind which might not be fun which is why a once a day could be good. At least he won't have to worry about re-applying over make up!

GP might know if anything more is needed - or even pharmacist.

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