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Staving off cystitis

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CaptainTripps Thu 10-Jul-14 21:59:34

I get the odd, rare attack - today being one of them. I may well get to the docs of course but these tips really seem to work for me in the interim. Thought I'd share!

2 heaped tsps of D-Mannose straight away (tabs or powder - I prefer the powder - all available in health food shops or internet)
Triple strength cranberry tablet (not cranberry juice - forget the juice)
Horsetail tablet (3 per day)
Ibuprofen or whatever
Lots and lots of water - down 2 pints if you can straight away
Folks say bicarb in water but I don't bother

*Medical clause: of course the doctors

I keep it all in the cupboard just in case. There's nothing more miserable than cystitis.

It just helps so much. I am now symptom free but will get antibiotics tomorrow. There's a lot of mention about D Mannose being the main curative but I have never put this to the test.

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