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Sore throat after pregnancy acid reflux

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Hellacott Wed 04-Jun-14 21:11:12

I had a lovely little boy 5 weeks ago (my second).

I had a lot of acid reflux during pregnancy and it got pretty bad in the last 2 weeks with acid coming up in my mouth and gaviscon no longer helping, boo. During this time I also got a bad sore throat on one side of my throat. I thought it was just from a cold but it didn't develop into any other symptoms and also the sore throat didn't get better.

My baby was born and the acid reflux cleared up pretty quickly but the sore throat was still there. It's 5 weeks along now and though the sore throat isn't as as painful as it was that side of my throat still feels odd. It gets bit sore at night and when I say certain words or eat and my throat opens in a certain way, it feels as though it is stretching the sore patch in an uncomfortable way.

I think I may have burnt/damaged my throat from all the acid. Makes sense as the side that hurts would tie in with the way I lie in bed. I'm not particularly worried but I can't find much about this online and wanted to see if it has happened to anyone else?

I have 6 week check so will mention it then.

Thanks for any help!

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