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Clicking throat when swallowing

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ButlerThompson Sat 31-May-14 21:49:07

Hello, I had a sore throat after an 8 week cough. Started to have speech therapy which included massage by the speech therapist.

Unfortunately the massage was too robust and after pushing my voice box quite aggressively I know click every time I swallow.

It is a horrible sensation.

The speech therapist has said everything is now out of line & I have to massage my throat.

So fed up with it. I know have a worse problem than when I started. It has been 2 weeks now without solution.

Any ideas?

Thank you

shouldnthavesaid Sat 31-May-14 23:56:16

I've never heard of this before.

Was your voice badly affected by the sore throat then? (i.e. layringitis)? Or was it more to do with the muscles of the throat?

I'm a bit confused as to why a sore throat induced by a cough would require speech therapy, was this something through the NHS (assuming you are in UK)?

I imagine if the problem was deemed to be muscular the massage ought to have helped however it doesn't sound like it was performed properly, and I wouldn't be happy with the explanation that you've been given.

I'd see your GP and seek advice from them - or anyone independent to the speech therapist that's done this.

Hopefully it's a minor issue but it should be checked out properly and from your post I'm not entitrely convinced that it has been - 'everything out of line' doesn't sound quite right to me.

ButlerThompson Sun 01-Jun-14 06:51:54

Thank you.

Yes it was muscular. The consultant thought I had strained the muscles causing a problem with my voice and a constant sore throat.

I agree that I should now speak to my consultant and GP. Stupidly I took the explanation and didn't want to offend.

Yes UK. When it first happened my voice box was in a completely different position and my Adam's apple stuck out more.

I am very fed up to be on this position.

mumat39 Sun 01-Jun-14 07:51:15

Hello. I get a clicky throat if my thyroid gland gets swollen. I have an under active thyroid, and I first discovered it when I started to grow an Adam's apple, as the thyroid was swollen and pushing things out a bit.

I have a goitre (swelling) again, and I a am currently waking up with a croaky throat.

I'm sure that your gp would have checked for this, but thought I'd share this with you just in case.

Hope you get it sorted soon. Take car.

ButlerThompson Sun 01-Jun-14 08:35:59

Thank you.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in October. I was over medicated and went under but I only started clicking after the massage. I was worried when it knocked during the massage she said oh it's your thyroid cartilage.

I think I should stop being polite and go to my GP.

No one mention my thyroid when I had a chronic sore throat.

ButlerThompson Sun 01-Jun-14 09:10:39

Sorry I meant to say over active when I was given too much thyroxine

PolkaDotsandPumpkin Mon 02-Jun-14 11:27:15

Your thyroid cartilage doesn't have much to do with your thyroid gland really.

A speech therapist becomes involved in situations where there isn't any clear explanation for voice or throat symptoms. Ideally though, you would have seen an ENT to rule out any pathology in/around your larynx.

Sometimes after prolonged huskiness following sore throat you can habitually but completely unknowingly be using your voice in a way that can damage your vocal cords.

The massage is usually used to release tension that may be caused by using the vocal folds and larynx in an abnormal way.

Sorry, I can't explain the clicking though! That is unusual I think...

PolkaDotsandPumpkin Mon 02-Jun-14 11:29:52

I should say though, that I'm not discrediting the PP's account of her symptoms relating to her thyroid!

ButlerThompson Mon 02-Jun-14 12:25:33

No Problem.

I had whooping cough so the soreness continued as I was unable to close my vocal folds.

I was only mentioning the thyroid cartilage because this was the explanation given by the Speech Therapist.

It is frustrating to be in this position. It does not catch/click if I have my head in a certain position or to the sides.

I will be seeing an ENT consultant soon and will discuss what exactly has happened.

PolkaDotsandPumpkin Mon 02-Jun-14 13:31:35

Well, I hope you get some explanation OP.

Good luck.

ButlerThompson Mon 02-Jun-14 17:22:58

The massage was too enthusiastic & has altered the floor of my mouth & now the corresponding structure. Not sure what to expect when I see the consultant.

ButlerThompson Wed 04-Jun-14 22:35:02

Visited the consultant today & I am having a CT scan next week. Polkadots... You were right the thyroid is physically lower down than the thyroid cartilage.

ButlerThompson Sat 07-Jun-14 12:54:56

The speech therapist has now denied anything happened. Disappointing but predictable. I wonder what qualifications she had to be able to massage. I am seeing the consultant in two weeks. Very disappointed in her attitude.

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