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hair sucking

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swanny Wed 24-Mar-04 21:48:00

my dd has started sucking her hair and is fast becoming a habit. How do i stop her?!!

stace Thu 25-Mar-04 19:31:08

No advice but just wanted to say dont worry i havent thought about it for about 30 odd years but i remember doing the same thing!!!!It must be better than biting nails and i developed that habit later on, probably due to the fact that my parents wouldnt let me suck my hair!!!!

celandine Fri 26-Mar-04 11:07:29

No advice either but i do wonder, what is it they have about hair? DS (8 months) is fascinated by people's hair, to the extent that lately he's using mine and DH's hair as a comforter. When he's touching it he starts to suck his tongue contentedly. As you say though, it gets to be a habit and lately the only way for him to go back to sleep when he wakes at night if he is touching it. Aaaghhh!!!

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