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Foot burning after using bazooka

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holidayseeker Mon 12-May-14 09:22:53

I have had a verrucca for years on my foot and it has started hurting when I walk so I have brought some Bazuka. However I have used it twice now and my foot is burning, is this normal?

ForeskinHyena Mon 12-May-14 09:35:19

My DS has them a lot and he says it does sting when it gets through the top layers and into the 'root'. We have recently started using duct tape as suggested elsewhere on here, just cover it/them with a piece of silver duct tape and leave it (replacing when needed).

After a couple of weeks his 3 have almost gone, it has taken months of bazookaing before that to even make a dent. Apparently it can take up to 4 weeks with the tape, but as it is pain free, easy and cheap, (+ it keeps them covered for PE etc) I'm prepared to keep at it as long as it takes.

Carpediem2007 Mon 12-May-14 21:39:11

Can you explain how you use the duck tape please? DS has had one getting bigger now 3 smaller ones nearby so we are using bazooka but not much effect so far. Thanks

ForeskinHyena Tue 13-May-14 13:44:29

We just literally chop off a piece about 2 inches long and cover it over the affected area then change it for a new piece if it comes loose in the bath etc. we tried wrapping it right round he foot but it made the skin on top of the foot a bit sore, so have stuck to a small piece for now. Apparently when it's done the Verruca comes out stuck to the tape like a plug <bleugh>!

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