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Strange ache in jaw

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yasminbleek Thu 01-May-14 13:45:45

Since christmas I have had an ache in my jaw. Sometimes it is just annoying and other times it is really bad. I thought it was due to my teeth especially as I had both my bottom wisdom teeth out in the summer but X-rays at the dentist and at the hospital have come up with nothing.

I also have been having problems with my nose, post nasal drainage and crusty mucus. After a lot of going along to the doctors they referred me to an ENT specialist. I told him about my nose problems and my jaw and he diagnosed sinusitis which can affect lots of things in the head area (I assume which means the jaw too) but having a CT scan to confirm which I haven't had yet.

The reason for my post is this. My jaw always feels a bit strange but the real ache pain comes on if I either use a tissue to clean out my nose or unfortunately have to use my finger if they are stuck. I can feel a spot in my nose that feels tender and then afterwards the ache is worse.

Anyone else or do I seem odd.

Andro Thu 01-May-14 23:44:04

Sinusitus can certainly cause pain in the jaw, so that doesn't sound odd at all.

springbabydays Fri 02-May-14 20:38:13

Are you a teeth clencher? At night in particular? Your dentist should check to see if your teeth are showing signs of being worn down in this way. I thought mine would have but he didn't. Years later lots of jaw pain and cracking. Make sure you get yours checked.

yasminbleek Fri 02-May-14 21:21:43

I have heard that sinusitis causes pain in the jaw but the strange thing to me is that the pain is worse directly after I have cleaned out my nose. If I press my nose on the tender spot with my finger, my jaw hurts.

I have been to the dentist and they mentioned clenching. I do grit my teeth together when I am cold, anxious, busy or feeling a bit nauseous but not while I am asleep I don't think. I have just been fitted for a bite guard so will see how that goes. I'm just not convinced that it is the problem.

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