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Was it really just sinusitis?!

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apermanentheadache Tue 18-Mar-14 21:47:23

If there are any GPs out there I would really appreciate a view.

About a month ago I got a flu-like bug, followed 5 days later by an ear infection, which perforated. Then came the headache. This was the worst headache I'd ever experienced and lasted for about 10 days shock, as did fever. The headache was kind of in a band around my head, including forehead and base of back of my head. Although I coukd just about touch my chin to my chest it was so stiff and painful to move my head from side to side. I had co-dydramol and 2400mg of ibuprofen on doctor's advice per day to manage it. No appetite, dizziness, and lots of vomiting. Diagnosed as sinusitis by GP (abroad- language barrier a big issue) and had shedloads of antibiotics and it was finally gone after about 2 weeks.

I've been so run-down after- in fact I am now being treated for recurring depression.

To get to the point: does all that really sound like sinusitis? I have never ever felt so physically ill in my life and I have had sinusitis many a time... Obviously I am now v grateful whatever it was has buggered off but there's a little question remaining in my head about whether the diagnosis was correct, or whether it could've been something else. Have I just been lucky to have 'mild' sinusitis in the past?

Have to say in my defence I'm not a baby about pain: DC2 was nearly a car-park birth because I refused to believe I was actually in labour grin.

craftynclothy Tue 18-Mar-14 21:53:35

Not a gp but sinusitis was the worst pain i've ever had.

apermanentheadache Tue 18-Mar-14 21:58:25

Thanks crafty. I just couldn't believe the pain level and ongoing fever - hope neither myself nor you have it ever again.

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