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Aveda hair products - are they worth the extra cost?

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Rhiannon Thu 07-Mar-02 13:43:07

Will admit to flicking on QVC whilst having my lunch. They are featuring Aveda products at the moment but the cost of the shampoo is astronomical (£20 a bottle). Is it really that good? R

Enid Thu 07-Mar-02 13:54:32

Aveda is brilliant but I am SURE the shampoos don't cost that much. I used to use the Clove one that smelled divine, and the Shampure, and the Colour Conditioner (that WAS about £16 a few years ago). Can't get it down these parts, so QVC would have been good, but not at £20 a bottle.

Enid Thu 07-Mar-02 13:59:54

Rhiannon, was it the Salon size? If so £20 is quite a good deal. You've got me now, going to check QVC.

Croppy Thu 07-Mar-02 14:40:38

Aveda is totally wonderful Rhiannon - especially if you have dry or frizzy hair. Yes they are very expensive but they are one of the few beauty products I know which is worth every penny.

Rhiannon Thu 07-Mar-02 17:30:42

I have dark, thick, shoulder length 'normal' hair, will it make much difference if it's not frizzy? R

Bumblelion Thu 07-Mar-02 17:34:45

If I am treating myself to some decent shampoo, I find I cannot go wrong with the Kerastase range. The shampoos are about £7 and the conditioner £9 but they last ages as you only need a little bit.

My hairdresser said some of the worst shampoos on the market are ones like Pantene because they actually coat the hair but don't actually penetrate. They may make the hair look nicer but are not actually helping repair the hair.

Croppy Thu 07-Mar-02 18:26:22

It is worth a go Rhiannon as it makes most people's hair a lot shinier.

soothepoo Fri 08-Mar-02 11:15:34

The Paul Mithell hair products are also good, I think. They're available from hair salons and are about the same price as the Aveda products.
Bumblelion - totally agree about Pantene - it builds up so eventually it looks like you've washed your hair in chip oil

Rhiannon Fri 08-Mar-02 14:55:35

I bought some! I'll report back. Those girls on QVC are so persuasive! R

tusky Fri 08-Mar-02 17:51:55

Soothepoo - I agree with you about the Paul Mitchell shampoos - the cleanse 1 one smells heavenly- also good is Michaeljohn tea tree shampoo- very minty and refreshing.

Batters Fri 08-Mar-02 21:23:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pena Thu 14-Mar-02 13:16:11

No they are not - I got bad dandruff from them

Rhiannon Fri 15-Mar-02 11:52:52

Well, it's arrived, have used it once and there really doesn't seem to be any difference. They said I'd only need a tiny amount, not true and I have a water softener. R

Kia Fri 15-Mar-02 22:22:44

I first bought Aveda from QVC too!! I'm now so addicted that on holiday in the USA, the first place I go is to a hair salon to see if they've got any! Perhaps I'm one of the people that it works for, mind you my hair is a total mess from one visit to the hairdresser to the next. I'm naturally dark brown and went blonde for the milennium night party and its taken me till now to get back to my natural (dyed!) dark brown again. I was surprised at the punishment my hair did take without falling out and going green for the 1999/2000 party instead!

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