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24 Hour blood pressure monitor

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wineoclocktimeyet Fri 14-Mar-14 19:56:59

Has anyone done this? I'm a little concerned about the nighttime hourly readings - doesn't it awake you up?

shouldnthavesaid Fri 14-Mar-14 20:13:31

Have had one and I slept right through it, quite soundly as my blood pressure shot right down overnight. It was a bit awkward at first but I put on a loose top and placed the box on my pillow, and slept no problem at all smile

It was quite funny/interesting seeing the results as I saw the levels slowly rising as I got closer to waking up - I thought it would remain low until I was actually out of bed, but from 5am onwards it was steadily increasing.

Hope the test and results go well smile

wineoclocktimeyet Fri 14-Mar-14 20:19:34

Thank you

FiaGrace Fri 14-Mar-14 21:06:20

I had it done last weekend and hated every single minute of it. I couldn't shower over that period (I honestly thought I'd be able to remove the cuff for 10 mins between readings in order to shower), if I moved whilst it was taking a reading then it recorded it as an error, it did keep me awake during the night and whilst I appreciate the importance of having it done, it really p*ssed me off.

To be fair, I just hadn't thought it through and didn't realize it would be as restrictive as it was.

Luckily my bp appears to be fine!

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