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Small lump on areola on breast. Should i be concerned. ?.

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lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 08:56:56

On my right breast at the edge of the areola i have a small red lump. I know all women have these bumpy bits around the areola but one of mine is raised an looks a bit red. Been like it for about a month. This breast has always been a bit odd. Always been 2 cup sizes bigger than the left and hairs grow out of the areola which i pluck. Also, when i was breastfeeding i never produced any milk in this breast. I guess the lump could be an ingrown hair. I'm almost 39 and been told i'm perimenopausal. Lots of strange things have been happening to my b ody the last few years. Irregular periods, dry skin and hair that is falling out and dry. So maybe this lump on my breast is due to my hormone changes. I just worry as my Nan passed out of breast cancer 3 years ago although she was 92. My mum said she had a cyst on her breast when she was in her 40s which was non cancerous but had to be removed. I'm someone who suffers from anxiety and i'm often at the doctor's surgery thinking i have something terrible wrong with me. Iv'e thought iv'e had everything from brain tumour to bowel cancer over the years!! I was only at the doctors a couple of weeks ago so i am really embarrased to go back again with yet another problem!! I feel their patience is wearing a little thin with me. this time though i really could have something wrong with me. Should i be worried do you think ?

RaquelGarcia Sat 01-Mar-14 21:10:24

Hi there. Don't be worried. Please just go to your GP and let them look and I am almost certain you will be reassured. They don't mind.

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 21:28:24

Thanks for your reply !aquel. I will go see the doctor, just feel a bit silly and neurotic

treaclesoda Sat 01-Mar-14 21:37:10

obviously you need to see your doctor who can hopefully put your mind at rest, but I have a lump (soft fleshy lump) in the same place. It developed a few years ago, whilst I was pregnant, and I was terrified, but after my baby was born I had it properly checked out, ultrasound, mammogram, and it was nothing. It's still there.

Hopefully it will be the same for you, but you really need to go and see your doctor.

lovelymumof4 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:03:57

I'm sure it must be a hormonal thing as i am in perimenopause but i will make an appt with doctor.

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