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I'm exhausted and fed up. Could it be from BF?

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mumnosbest Wed 29-Jan-14 09:44:00

I'm a mum of 3 DCs 2-9yrs and work fulltime so expect to feel tired but this just seems like more.
I'm still BF my 2yr DD and thought maybe it might be related. Perhaps I could be deficient in something. Any ideas or suggestions?

I'm also completely stressed and overworked in my job which I once loved and now dread. On top of that my 3 DCs are getting a bit unruly and I just don't have any time with them. I'm either working, catching up on work or too tired. I'm now feeling so guilty about being a working mum and the least little thing makes me tearful (like writing this).

I've had this week off work and have a doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss this and hopefully get signed off next week but need to vent, sorry.

Any advice or experience much appreciated TIA

ecuse Wed 29-Jan-14 12:05:42

That list made me exhausted! Read it back to yourself - I would be astonished if it's a deficiency or BF per se which is making you exhausted (although you might see it as one more 'chore' on your long list of things. Or it might be your favourite part of the day - who knows!).

I am FT (~50hrs per week) working mum to only one DD and I am stressed/exhausted too, so my hat is off to you with three.

Last few weeks I have bit the bullet and got a cleaner and it has hugely reduced my stress (not only the chores themselves, but the fact it's not hanging over me all the time, and that I can work till 2am in a place that isn't a total shit tip!). Is this an option for you?

If you're no longer enjoying FT work - do you have the option to reduce hours? For a while I was 4 days with Wednesday off which had an AMAZING impact on my stress levels. It's only one less day work, but it means no more than 2 days work at one time. Also it means I could do chores, errands on the Weds and then actually relax and enjoy my weekends.

mumnosbest Thu 30-Jan-14 16:29:18

Hi. Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I can't reduce my hours or get a cleaner at the moment. At least I don't think so but going to look at it again. The thing is, my workload is so ridiculous I know any day off had would just be a day working from home to catch up (but without pay and with a toddler).

ecuse Fri 31-Jan-14 09:33:20

I feel you there !
<matchsticks under eyes from working till 2am>

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