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Anyone had a colonoscopy without sedation

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Charliebean Thu 23-Jan-14 11:39:21

Got to have a colonoscopy next week (am dreading it) and I really don't like any sedation. It always makes me feel sick and horrible. My consultant said that I don't have to have sedation and that quite a few people opt to not have it so I just wondered if anyone had any experience. Thank you

princessalbert Thu 23-Jan-14 12:05:13

Ah - I was going to say yes.

but it was a sigmoidoscopy I had - with the flexible 'pipe'.

Is a colonoscopy much different?

I didn't have sedation (wasn' t offered any) but it wasn't so bad. The thought of it was worse than the actual procedure. Just a bit uncomfortable, when they went around the bends.

Fascinating watching on the screen though..

gamerchick Thu 23-Jan-14 12:09:39

yes I did. It's uncomfortable but doable. Lie on your back after he's put the camera up.. it's much better. Let them put the thing in your hand anyway just in case you decide on the sedation when you get into the room.

It was so worth just being able to leave straight afterwards. get a pack of tena nappies as well for going to and back from the hospital.. takes away the anxiety after that laxative carry on.

he laxative was the worst part of the whole thing but it was awesome watching all your insides on the telly.

hildaogden99 Thu 23-Jan-14 12:33:19

No advice but I'm having a colonoscopy next week too. I've been told I can decide at the time if I need sedition.

Badvoc Thu 23-Jan-14 12:43:40

It's uncomfortable but that's mostly from the gas they pump in.

docket Thu 23-Jan-14 12:46:24

My dh had one a couple of weeks ago without sedation. He said it was much much better than he thought it would be. Good luck!

princessalbert Thu 23-Jan-14 12:46:25

And the gas lasts for a good few hours afterwards.

Just saying.. smile

gamerchick Thu 23-Jan-14 13:06:18

mark off the day afterwards as well just in case... people told me they were fine the next day but I had to have a settee day.. my insides felt bruised.

good luck.

RitaFajita Thu 23-Jan-14 21:55:34

I have and to be completely honest with you, I would definitely have sedation next time. Although to be fair, I had really bad pms at the time which could have made me more sensitive.

Twighlightsparkle Thu 23-Jan-14 22:38:04

I've had it with sedation, but wished I hadn't as I had a reaction to the sedative which made me aggressive! And I had flashbacks for months.

fairykissesforyou Thu 23-Jan-14 22:49:00

I had my colonoscopy with entonox (gas and air) which I breathed constantly starting a few minutes before the scope was inserted to ensure the effect had built up and throughout the procedure.

I was still able to feel some pain when the camera was pushed round 'corners' but the gas made me feel out of it and it was very manageable. I was able to see the screen which was also a distraction.

If I have another one I would definitely have the entonox again, brilliant stuff for this even though I didn't rate it in labour. Perhaps it is the fact of using it continuously whereas in labour you only use it as the contraction starts.

I was extremely apprehensive about the colonoscopy but it was really pretty ok and I wouldn't worry about having another one.

Good luck, hope it goes well.

lookatmybutt Fri 24-Jan-14 02:28:01

Talk to them and ask for something mild to start with perhaps - a colonscopy is no biggie but it can hurt the going round corners as fairy says. You don't want to have to stop it if it becomes more painful or you get more anxious. Any good doc will help you manage and adjust if you need more. A lot of the stuff they use is quite fast acting.

Do you know what you were given before that made you sick? Either it was too much or not suitable for you and there will be other options. It's also possible that they let you eat too quickly afterwards. I normally counted 4 hours following procedure if I was given Midazolam for example. Just sip water when you can and have something really bland to munch on (toast?).

Ooh, Twilight, was that Midazolam? I've had it a few times and it also made me a bit nuts sometimes. Also didn't have the amnesiac effects its supposed to, but I was actually glad about that.

FTR I've had several endoscopies and colonoscopies.

candycoatedwaterdrops Sun 26-Jan-14 19:14:22

I had a colonoscopy (and endoscopy) a week ago. I had sedation and even with it, I was wide awake. It wasn't traumatic at all but I found it quite painful, so they gave me a shitload of pain relief. I'd have it again (obv only if I had to have one!) without sedation but not without pain relief.

Charliebean Mon 27-Jan-14 15:01:50

Thanks everyone. I didn't realise that you could have pain relief without sedation. I thought that it was all one dose ! Still trying to decide what to do. I think that I will just see how brave that I am feeling on the day. Thanks again

hildaogden99 Mon 27-Jan-14 15:15:23

Good luck! I'm having mine Wednesday and am sh*ting myself, certainly will be when I start the movicol tomorrow. Can I ask why you're having one? Mine is to see if I have any polyps as I have a family history and sometimes have mucous which can be a sign of them apparently.....

Charliebean Mon 27-Jan-14 17:17:25

Thanks Hilda. You too. Mine is next week now !! I am having it because of tummy/back pains and mucus. He thinks it might be IBS. Must admit I am dreading the Movicol as much as the actual thing !!

gobbin Tue 28-Jan-14 23:39:10

Depending on how far round the colon they go it can be unbearable without sedation. I wouldn't want them to have to stop because I couldn't take any more, I'd rather be sedated and let them do a thorough job. Flexi sig doesn't go so far and doesn't need sedation. There's a reason b they offer it with a colonoscopy.

LegoCaltrops Tue 28-Jan-14 23:45:26

I had one. I have pretty bad IBS anyway so maybe I'm sensitive to start with, but I found it pretty harrowing. I lost a hell of a lot of weight after, as I couldn't bear the feeling of needing the toilet so I basically stopped eating. Apparently most people are fine though. But if you find it too uncomfortable, speak up (apparently I didn't).

McFox Tue 28-Jan-14 23:55:53

Yes, I've had a few and never been sedated. I found that watching the whole thing is very distracting and fascinating. I never found it any more unbearable than IBS pain.

Charlie01234 Thu 30-Jan-14 14:32:43

Pain relief andf sedation every time for me!

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